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Father Donald Schumaker Council No. 6772 was formed on Sunday, February 29, 1976 with 36 new members, 25 re-instatements and 49 transfers from other councils, for a total of 110 charter members.  The first general business meeting was held on March 11, 1976 where the main agenda item was the election of the first slate of officers. 

At the general business meeting on April 22, 1976 the members heard a list of 4 potential council names submitted by a committee.  From these the council chose "Father Donald Schumaker" as the name of the new council. 

Father Schumaker was a Redemptorist priest who served the St. Alphonsus Parish community from May 1967 until December 1969.  While serving in our community he impressed many with his dedication to his work and support of the Knights of Columbus.  He served as Chaplain for the Crystal MN K.C. Council #3656 during his stay in our area.  Father Schumaker's ministry took him to Kansas City where he passed away on September 5, 1970.

During the first 10 years, the council served 3 parishes:  St. Alphonsus-Brooklyn Center, St. Gerards-Brooklyn Park and St. Vincent de Paul-Osseo.  On January 1, 1986 Osseo-Maple Grove Council No. 9139 began operation.  About 70 members transferred from our council to the new council. Council 9139 now serves the St. Vincent de Paul community.  In October 2001, Council 13001 was formed at St. Gerards and now supports that parish.  16 transfers from our council were among the charter members of St. Gerard Council.

For these past years our council members have been involved in many activities which benefit the church and community.  Thousands of hours, mostly fun hours, have been spent on such activities as charity breakfasts and bingo's, non-public school marathons, Special Olympics, church festivals, parades, softball, bowling, and various family and youth activities.


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